Fast and accurate body compositions analysis.

Body weight

Below the measurements obtained with a Tanita (BCA) :

  • Body weight (excluding clothes’ weight)

And on the basis of your height, gender, age and body type (athletic or standard )

  • Fat mass (total weight off at mass in kg)
  • Muscle mass (bone-free lean tissue mass in kg)
  • Bone mass (bone mineral amount included in the bones in kg)
  • Body fat (amount of body fat as a proprtion of body weight in %)
  • Total body water (amount of water retained in the body in %)
  • Fat free mass (bones, muscles, tissue water and other fat free mass in kg)
  • Visceral fat rating ( estimate of fat around vital organs surrounding the belly and trunck)
  • BMR (basal metabolic rate- total energy expended by the body at rest to maintain its vital functions)
  • BMI ( Basal Metabolic Index calculated with weight in kg / height in m2)

The objective of detailed mesurements lies in the fact that a simple BMI or body weight can be misleading. Also it allows to keep track precisely on the extent of the progress made during our time together.