DNA Testing Switzerland

I am excited to present a groundbreaking addition to my services:  DNA testing through my partnership with Nordic Labs.  Genetic testing allows for actionable and personalized treatment strategies based on your individual genetic profile. 

Curious to dive into precision medicine?

We all are unique individuals that demand tailored health care interventions that take into account our unique bio individuality. Our genes cannot be modified, but we can influence the expression of our genes. In fact, because there is a strong relationship between our genetic profile and our nutritional and life habits, DNA testing allows us to understand our response to certain diets, foods or lifestyle choices and even our response to certain medications. This innovative approach is rooted in nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics.

The available DNA tests are:

Health, diet, sport, mind, skin, active, baby, pain, oestrogen, smile, resilience, risk and medcheck.(pharmacogenomics).

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What is nutrigenetics?

This field focuses on the study of how our individual genetic makeup influences our body’s response to different nutrients. By analyzing your genetic information, we can uncover valuable insights into which foods and nutrients are best suited for your unique genetic profile. Nutrigenetics allows us to create a tailored nutrition plan that aligns with your genetic predispositions, helping you achieve your health goals more effectively.

The nutritionist’s aim is to disclose the patient’s antecedents, both genetic and epigenetic.
It is an accompanied journey, demanding investigation and diving into the patient’s inner self, lifestyle and eating habits. It entails collecting and interpreting the patient’s personal history using tracking tools such as a nutrition matrix, a food-mood-poop journal and a timeline. These tools will help us uncover the root causes and the terrain in which your current symptoms have fed themselves.

What is nutrigenomics?

In contrast, nutrigenomics explores how nutrients and dietary factors can influence the expression of our genes. By understanding how certain foods interact with your genes, we can optimize your diet to support your genetic potential. Nutrigenomics empowers us to make informed dietary recommendations that work in harmony with your genes, promoting better health outcomes.

dna testing switzerland
dna test switzerland

How does DNA help you achieve a better health?

With the help of DNA testing, I can provide unparalleled guidance combining the principles of personalized nutrition with cutting-edge genetic insights. By analyzing an individual’s genetic makeup and taking into account factors like lifestyle, dietary habits, and health history, I can craft tailored dietary approaches that address the unique needs of each of us.

This approach goes beyond generic nutritional recommendations, as it enables me to identify potential genetic predispositions to certain health conditions and customize interventions to mitigate those risks.

Whether it’s optimizing nutrient absorption, managing inflammation, or supporting metabolic processes, precision medicine empowers both me and you to make data-driven decisions that will lead you to more effective and sustainable health outcomes.

The available DNA tests are:

· Health, diet, sport, mind, skin, active, baby, pain, oestrogen, smile, resilience, risk and medcheck.(pharmacogenomics).

Please reach out to learn about each one of them and to discover how precision medicine can help you optimize your health.