“J’ai vu beaucop de nutritionnistes qui essayaient uniquement de changer mon régime alimentaire, ce qui ne menait à rien. Alex est différente. Elle s’est focalisée à rechercher la cause de mon déséquilibre. Son expertise sur le microbiote a clairement fait la différence.”

Emile C.


“Very thorough and knowledgeable approach focused on small changes that make big differences in the long run.”

Isabelle Marchal


“Alex listens and is available and this makes the whole difference! Thank you.”

Brigitte. N.


“Learning how digestion functions, helped me understand my issues and solve them under the guidance of my nutritionist”

Krestin D.


“I am Noha a functional nutrition counsellor. I like to ask Alex about recommendations related to my clients. She’s always supportive and welcoming any questions. She’s knowledgeable in her field.”

Noha Elshatshat


“I turned to Alex for help with my diet: I felt constantly bloated and couldn’t lose weight. I worked with Alex for 5 months and reversed finally my situation. I went through the program of elimination diet and detoxified my liver and I am still now naturally losing weight. I couldn’t feel better! I can only recommend Alex to help you gain your health back”

D. L.


“Alessandra a accompagné mon fils de 4 ans atteint de la maladie de Crohn. Depuis le départ, ses conseils et son accompagnement à été très efficace et complètement adapté à la situation. Alessandra est une thérapeute très consciencieuse et avec des connaissances pointues sur la nutrition et le microbiote. Nous sommes heureux de continuer avec elle et nous la remercions de tout cœur.”

Ana Sofia Manuel


“I met Alex while doing a certification course on gut health from Stanford University. We hit it off from day one because our ideologies about nutrition and health were similar. Alex is someone that I like to discuss complex cases with. Having a case discussion with her helps me have clarity on what needs to be done for a specific client with regards to their nutrition and supplements. On a more personal front, I was on a keto diet for many years and it worked for me until it didn’t. I decided to get my metabolism recharged again by getting off the keto diet and expanding my food choices. At this point it was good to have a fellow nutrition coach by my side to encourage me as I forged forward. Alex and I also collaborate by doing nutrition education videos on YouTube.”

Bengaluru, India

Dr. Nirmala Rajagopalan