Dysbiosis & Food Sensitivites

Dysbiosis & Food Sensitivities Assessment

Dysbiosis & Food Sensitivites

HOW, WHEN , WHAT we eat matters to our health. Each one of us has a unique microbiota imprint determined by our life starting in our mother’s womb. Thus, only an individualized food tracking will help you fine tune your optimal diet. It takes some time and tracking with the help of a functional matrix we can disclose the offending foods or habits.

Eating a sufficiently nutrient dense diet ? Should you reduce or increase the quantity of proteins, fats and carbs in your daily intake? at what times? Are you missing out on specific micronutrients? These are some of the numerous questions we will address during our session. “


A balanced and diversified diet made of organic nutrient rich food, and a healthy gut, digestion and absorption are the foundations of a healthy body.

An impaired digestion and absorption impairs the whole body. It manifests as obvious symptoms like bloating gas or constipation, but not only. Brain fog, joint pain or fatigue are other symptoms that stem from inflammation in the gut. In other words, it is scientifically proven how the digestive system impacts our entire body. If there is inflammation, this will potentially result in a reduction in the absorption of nutrients, a dysregulation of the immune system and autoimmunity.