Functional Therapy

Functional Therapy Implies:

Focusing on the individual
and taking the time to listen,

Focusing on lifestyle,
individual antecedents, eating habits,

Focusing on providing Individualized support and not a one-fits-all standardized diet.

In this approach, the patient is unique, with a unique footprint requiring a targeted approach.

The nutritionist’s aim is to disclose the patient’s antecedents, both genetic and epigenetic.
It is an accompanied journey, demanding investigation and diving into the patient’s inner self, lifestyle and eating habits. It entails collecting and interpreting the patient’s personal history using tracking tools such as a nutrition matrix, a food-mood-poop journal and a timeline. These tools will help us uncover the root causes and the terrain in which your current symptoms have fed themselves.

“Food is medicine” Hippocrates correctly stated, however certain foods may trigger serious health conditions. Because we are all unique and different, we do not react in the same way to the same foods. We will concentrate on your eating habits, sensitivities, potential deficiencies and how our body reacts and absorbs the different macronutrients. Allergies? Skin rashes? Chronic pain? Constipation? Loose stools?

It’s time to help our body! The relationship between chronic pathological conditions and a healthy gut and microbiote have been scientifically established.

The good news is that the gut is able to regenerate itself, and this is why food is medicine. A healthy and diverse microbiote is key to a healthy body. And we need to nourish it. I can help you track down your offending foods and suggest alternative diets.

Here is an overview of how we will be working together:

  • Filling out a thorough questionnaire for our first appointment.
  • Filling out a timeline and a matrix together including your past and present history.
  • Establishing our action plan including the non-negotiables and potential deficiencies that need to be addressed. Might include further investigations through external lab testing or hair testing.
  • Follow up sessions to assess progress and adapt the initial action plan on the basis of the results obtained.

Before embarking on a journey together, you will be invited to a free 30 minutes’ assessment session. An opportunity to find out more about me and my approach. Am I the person you wish to have next to your side during this healing period?

Feel free to contact me.

Our gut health is fundamental to our global health and it is often overlooked. Food therapy is a powerful approach to restore our microbiote diversity, reducing ongoing inflammation and fighting back your symptoms.