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alex ginsburg

Hi, I am Alex Ginsburg

Functional Nutrition Therapist and DNAlysis and DNAlife certified practitioner. I am fervent about women’s health and I strive to empower them to make healthy lifestyles. I work in English, French or Italian. My consultations start with a 15 minutes free session to explain my approach and our future work together. It’s your opportunity to ask questions and decide if you wish to embark on a healing journey with me.

90 Days IBS Relief Program

Are you ready to take control of your digestive health and enjoy a life free from the burden of symptoms? Look no further than our 90-day IBS Relief program. 

Functional Therapy

In this approach, the patient is unique, with a unique footprint requiring a targeted approach.


We offer a personal and unique approach to each of our client because there is no such thing as a common condition : even with similar complaints, we all have a unique past that differentiates each one of us from all the others

Healthy Eating Behaviors

Understand how to shop, decipher labels, prepare healthy balanced foods, discover different recipes and cooking alternatives.

Comprehensive Functional Testing

Functional nutrition is a science-based approach to nutrition that aims to address the underlying root causes of chronic health issues by improving the body’s biochemical and physiological processes. Testing plays a crucial role in functional nutrition because it provides valuable insights into an individual’s unique biochemistry and allows for a personalized approach to nutrition and health. Thus, testing is part of my comprehensive approach to nutrition and health. The tests I use and offer include blood tests, urine tests, stool tests, and hair mineral balance testing.

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