Embrace your health and make lasting lifestyle changes.

Nutrition Therapy

Healthy Eating Behaviors

Understand how to shop, decipher labels, prepare healthy balanced foods, discover different recipes and cooking alternatives.

Functional Therapy

In this approach, the patient is unique, with a unique footprint requiring a targeted approach.


We offer a personal and unique approach to each of our client because there is no such thing as a common condition : even with similar complaints, we all have a unique past that differentiates each one of us from all the others

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“I turned to Alex for help with my diet: I felt constantly bloated and couldn’t lose weight. I worked with Alex for 5 months and reversed finally my situation. I went through the program of elimination diet and detoxified my liver and I am still now naturally losing weight. I couldn’t feel better! I can only recommend Alex to help you gain your health back”

D. L.


“Learning how digestion functions, helped me understand my issues and solve them
under the guidance of my nutritionist”

Krestin D.

“Alex listens and is available and this makes the whole difference! Thank you.”

Brigitte. N.

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